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Arise Above It Empowerment Series/with my book


The Winners Empowerment Series ✔

Have you been through something in your past and you're having difficulty working through it or moving beyond it victoriously? Is there a atmospheric disturbrance going on in and/or around you and you feel like there is no help in sight or no way out?

Have you been almost overwhelmed or overwhelmed with issues, problems, dilemmas , and situations and you have been left feeling like you're in a canoe without a life jacket and the water is ragging all around you and the screams of help are muffled?

This Empowerment series in CD for on USB Drive form  is designed and created with not just powerful information  but powerful Truth, GODLY wisdom, knowledge, and revelation, to properly help , equip, empower, shift, navigate you, help you to soar, and help to steer your course rightly , build your confidence, your self worth, and your self esteem and increase your faith to the point where you as a act of your free-will you begin to consistently and diligently activate your faith and as you activate your faith by being obedient to God, enter into the peace, joy, increase, abundance, overflow, healing, deliverance, wholeness, and protection that GOD has for you. Are you ready to exeprience and encounter total and complete victory?

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
~ Psalm 46:11


5 Empowerment CD'S or Usb Drive with more than one message on each CD or USB Drive. 
My new book Arise Above It 

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